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  • Advance the profession of psychology and the promotion of health and human welfare
  • Stimulate research by psychologists
  • Promote the highest ethical standards of psychological practice
  • Promote cordial relations with related professions
  • Stimulate discussion and the resolution of issues related to the profession and practice of psychology.

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2021 SCCPA Board Members

President                                   Paul Marcille, Ph.D.
President Elect    OPEN
Past President   Jessica Byrd-Olmstead, Ph.D.
Secretary   Stephanie Raney, Ph.D.
Treasurer   Jeffrey L. Becker, Ph.D.
Member-at-Large   Neda Kharrazi, Psy.D.
Member-at-Large   Joshua Heitzmann, Ph.D.
Membership   OPEN
Student Representative   Emily Fox, Mandana Mostofi, Alix Simonson
L.A.N. (Local Advocacy Network)
  Jorge Wong, Ph.D.


2021 SCCPA Committee Chairs & Co-Chairs

C.A.R.E. (Colleague Awareness Resources & Education)    Mark Breithaupt, Ph.D.
Disaster Response     OPEN
Diversity    OPEN
ECP (Early Career Professionals)     OPEN
Ethics    Lorraine Wong, Ph.D., ABPP
Forensics    OPEN
L.A.N. (Local Advocacy Network)    Jorge Wong, Ph.D.
Membership    OPEN
Program & Education    Barbara Kirsch, Ph.D. 
Social Action    Paul Marcille, Ph.D.
Student Committee    Emily Fox, Mandana Mostofi, Alix Simonson

If you are interested in any OPEN positions, please email

Paul Marcille, Ph.D.