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Shani Robins (Shani)

Wisdom Therapy Institute  Psychologist
Palo Alto, CA

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Palo Alto, CA
Wisdom Therapy Institute
P.O. Box 20230
Palo Alto, CA 94309

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Shani Robins, Ph.D. is a California Board Certified Clinical Psychologist, has pioneered the field of Wisdom TherapyTM in 1998 and is the founder and president of the Wisdom Therapy Institute ( He is an instructor at Stanford University, and other bay area colleges and Universities where he teaches clinical, research, social, cognitive, and lifespan development courses, and applications of Wisdom Therapy and Emotional Intelligence in the workplace and every day life. Dr. Robins is the author of many scientific journal articles and book chapters. In addition to his research and clinical background, Dr. Robins has also been a corporate consultant for Fortune 100 companies such as American Express and Yahoo. He has published and has given numerous training workshops and scientific talks nationally and internationally in the areas of Emotional Intelligence, Lifespan Development, Leadership, Wisdom, Stress, Coping, Organizational Development, and Executive and Employee Satisfaction and Productivity. He obtains consistently effective results, which he empirically substantiates with research outcome measures. Dr. Robins received his Ph.D. in 1996 from U.C. Santa Barbara, completed a prestigious NIMH Postdoctoral Fellowship at UC Irvine, and has since published extensively and has given numerous talks worldwide in the areas of workplace emotional intelligenence, adult development, and wisdom in leadership. He received a second Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 2002. Among his publications is a chapter on Emotional Intelligence in the Handbook of Consulting Psychology, a journal article on a systems conceptualization of anger and other emotions in organizations, and a scientific journal article outlining his studies on the impact of differential metaphors on decision making. On an entrepreneurial front, Dr. Robins had also co-founded an integrative vision that was also one of the largest Adult Day Health Care centers in the nation, the Monterey Peninsula Wisdom Adult Day Health Center. Shani is an avid racquetball player and also enjoys playing chess and GO. He rollerblades, salsa dances, runs the occasional marathon, and strives to appreciate the simple things.