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A Gift of Healing and Renewal for Therapists: A Guided Meditation with Linda Graham, MFT

SMCPA & SCCPA co-sponsored:

A Gift of Healing and Renewal for Therapists: Facilitated By Linda Graham, MFT

It’s an understatement to say that 2020 has been a year of incredible upheaval and stress for everyone, and that as therapists, we have been managing our own multiple personal stressors and losses at the same time we have been in the role of supporting our clients. We have been putting out so much, and many of us are depleted.

We invite our members, and all therapists in the community to join us for this free experience of being on the receiving end of nurturance, compassion, and tools for resilience. A chance to close your eyes, be comfortable, and listen as Linda, an award winning author, and national/international workshop presenter and mindful self-compassion teacher leads us through several guided meditation exercise and movement exercises to foster healing and resilience.