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Santa Clara County Psychological Association of Graduate Students (SCCPAGS)

Welcome graduate students! SCCPAGS is the graduate student division of SCCPA.
SCCPAGS supports students’ professional development through networking, mentoring, and a variety of educational opportunities: 

  • Free or reduced admission to all SCCPAGS workshops and networking events
  • Access to and opportunities to publish in the SCCPA’s award winning newsletter four times per year
  • Being part of the SCCPA forums— an invaluable resource that automatically connects you to licensed clinical psychologists and other professionals throughout the Bay Area!

Don't miss out. Visit the SCCPAGS Student Facebook Page today!

SCCPA is the local chapter of CPA (California Psychological Association), which is the state chapter of the national organization APA (American Psychological Association). Both of these organizations have student branches, CPAGS and APAGS. Being connected to these organizations is essential as a practicing psychologist as they advocate for psychologists' and patients' rights and maintain the quality and integrity of our field.

Being connected as a student allows you to stay informed of the latest developments in our field, as well as find resources for research, leadership, mentorship, and networking. To learn more about these organizations, and how to become a member, visit the CPAGS and APAGS websites.