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Mental Health Professionals Conducting Brief Focused Assessments (BFAs)


An individual’s inclusion on this list is not a recommendation or endorsement by the Santa Clara County Superior Court, the Forensic Committee, or by SCCPA.  The Superior Court, the Forensic Committee, and SCCPA accept no responsibility for the training, education, or competence of individuals listed and assume no responsibility or liability for any damages arising directly or indirectly from services provide by any mental health professional on the list.  Litigants and attorneys are solely responsible for interviewing individuals on this list regarding their qualifications.

This list of mental health professionals have self-reported to the Santa Clara County Psychological Association’s (SCCPA) Forensic Committee completion of mandatory domestic violence training required as a condition for appointment by Santa Clara County Superior (Family) Court.  They have also self-reported that they have the mandatory training and experience necessary to be appointed as an evaluator in Family Court. No actual confirmation of training by individuals on this list is conducted by the Forensic Committee.  The Forensic Committee maintains this list for information purposes only.  The Family Court is not involved in the compilation of this list.

If you are a mental health provider and you are interested in being added to this list, please contact SCCPA at 

Definition of Terms

Brief Focused Assessment (BFA) is a Court Ordered assessment of narrowly defined, issue-specific questions which arise in Family Court settings. A BFA best addresses questions that are well defined, narrow in scope, and require some clinical judgment, e.g., to what extent is a child's expression of preference based on developmentally appropriate reasoning?; is supervised visitation needed to protect a child's safety or well-being while with a parent, in light of some aspect of the parent/child relationship?; whether and under what conditions to reunite a long-absent parent and child(ren)?

Providers must meet the requirements of Rule of Court 5.230 regarding domestic violence training. Providers must meet the requirements for completion of FL-326, Declaration of Court-Connected Child Custody Evaluator Regarding Qualifications. 
  • SF=Standard Fee 
  • FF=Flat Fee* 
  • RF=Reduced Fee* 

* The Judge decides whether or not the parties qualify for a reduced fee (RF) or a flat fee (FF). Qualification is not determined by the provider. The flat fee (FF) is $250 per family.  The reduced fee (RF) is set by the provider and is a fixed percentage of the provider's standard fee.  The standard fee (SF) is set by the provider and is the provider's standard fee for these matters.  All fees are clearly stated in the provider's Consent and Agreement for BFA.

List of Providers