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About the SCCPA Newsletter

The SCCPA Newsletter, published quarterly, is distributed online via the SCCPA member forum and then archived in the members’ section of the SCCPA website. New client handouts* are appended to the newsletter and then uploaded to the SCCPA website (under Handouts) for retrieval by SCCPA members or the public on the Home page. 


We welcome your submission. Please review our submission guidelines

If you would like to place an ad, please see our advertisement guidelines and rates.


If you are a member of SCCPA and are looking for the current issue or past issues, login to the Member section of the website and select Newsletter from the menu on the top, then select Current and Past Issues.


 *A client handout is a single page, easy-to-read informational handout on any topic that may be of interest to our clients. Members may download the handouts from the SCCPA website and print the handouts to give to their clients. The public may access and download the handouts from the SCCPA website Home Page.