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  Your benefits as a Member of an award winning association of local professionals 


CE Workshops

Low-cost Continuing Education workshops

Public Profile

If eligible, a publicly searchable profile (The Find a Psychologist feature) that can be linked to your Website, Blog, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter


Quarterly Award winning newsletter. Access to archived newsletters, opportunity to advertise.

Client Handouts

A growing repository of informational client handouts on a wide range of topics

Member directory

Access to contact info of all members


Discussion forum and Referrals forum


Calendar of events with online registration

Social Events

Annual Awards Ceremony and Annual Holiday Party

Professional Development Book Study

Co-sponsored with the San Mateo County Psychological Association

Film Club

Movie nights with viewing and discussion of films relevant to mental health also co-sponsored with the San Mateo Psychological Association

Networking Events

Networking get-togethers with opportunities to socialize, network, and have fun!

Contribute as a Board Member

Join the Board and influence the direction of the association. Receive free entrance to most CE workshops as a Board Member.

Contribute as a Committee Chair or Member

Join one of our many committees as a member. Receive Board Liaison support, and free entrance to most CE workshops as a Chair or Co-Chair.

Contribute as a Member

Contribute to the newsletter. Present a CE workshop. Join our list of speakers who provide community education, and many more opportunities.


Colleague Awareness, Resources, and Education Committee

Speakers List

List of SCCPA member speakers available to address community groups on a wide variety of topics

Therapy Groups

List your therapy group

Disaster Response

A group to respond to local and national disaster needs

New Members

Welcome lunches and networking events

CE Workshops

Discounted CE workshops for members

Online sources

Client handouts and referral summaries for download

Early Career Professionals

Vibrant group of early career professionals

Practice Improvement

Membership workshops for improving your practice


Students have reduced and free access to workshops

  Join SCCPA  

Thank you for joining us in helping to create a unified force to bring positive change in the lives of psychologists and the families we serve throughout the county. To become a member, please determine which class of membership applies to you below. When you are ready, click on the "Join SCCPA now" link at the bottom of this page. For additional information please call or contact us.

  Classes of Membership  

SCCPA offer a variety of membership levels appropriate to the needs of different applicants.

FULL MEMBER: Holder of a doctorate in psychology or an equivalent degree, or a psychologist licensed to practice in California. Full Members have all rights and privileges of SCCPA membership including the right to vote and serve on the Board of Directors. Note that Board positions also require CPA membership because SCCPA is a chapter of CPA.  Full members may be eligible to have their profile included in the publicly searchable Find a Psychologist web site feature. Click here for eligibility requirements.
Annual fee: $175.

NEW DOCTORATE MEMBER: Holder of a doctorate in psychology granted three years or less prior to membership. New Doctorate Members enjoy the same rights and privileges as Full Members at a reduced membership fee.  New Doctorate members may be eligible for their profile to be included in the publicly searchable Find a Psychologist web site feature. Click here for eligibility requirements.
Annual fee: $95.

ASSOCIATE MEMBER: Holder of a master’s degree in a mental health discipline (e.g., MFT, LCSW, LPC, etc.) or a related degree (e.g., MD, JD, etc.). Associate Members have all rights and privileges of SCCPA membership except the right to vote or serve on the Board. Associate members are not eligible to have their profile included in the publicly searchable Find a Psychologist web site feature. 
Annual fee: $100.

LIFE MEMBER: Any member who (1) is age 65 or older and has been a member of SCCPA for twenty (20) years, or (2) is a SCCPA member who, regardless of age or length of membership, is unable to work due to a permanent disability. Life Members pay fifty percent (50%) of the dues for the membership class that they held prior to becoming Life Members, and they retain the rights and privileges of the membership class that they had held.

STUDENT MEMBER: Must be enrolled in a graduate psychology program or engaged in a post-doctoral psychology training program. Student Members have all of the rights and privileges of SCCPA membership except the right to vote or serve on the Board; however, one Student Representative duly elected to serve on the Board by the members of CPAGS shall have one vote on the Board. If CPAGS does not elect a Student Representative, then any student member of SCCPA may run for the position on the SCCPA ballot. 
Annual fee: $20

Individuals on this list may provide a variety of services such as custody evaluations, assessments, or counseling for families and children in separating/divorcing families.  An individual’s inclusion on this list is not a recommendation or endorsement by the Santa Clara County Superior Court, the Forensic Committee, or by SCCPA.  The Superior Court, the Forensic Committee, and SCCPA accept no responsibility for the training, education, or competence of individuals listed and assume no responsibility or liability for any damages arising directly or indirectly from services provide by any mental health professional on the list.  Litigants and attorneys are solely responsible for interviewing individuals on this list regarding their qualifications.

This list of mental health professionals have self-reported to the Santa Clara County Psychological Association’s (SCCPA) Forensic Committee completion of mandatory domestic violence training required as a condition for appointment by Santa Clara County Superior (Family) Court.  Please note that there may be other mandatory training and experience necessary before court appointment can be made, depending upon the requested service. No actual confirmation of training by individuals on this list is conducted by the Forensic Committee.  The Forensic Committee maintains this list for information purposes only.  The Family Court is not involved in the compilation of this list.
Annual fee: $40

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